Join PYA - the professional body for yachting

Some information before you start. There are several steps in the joining process.
  1. You will be giving us some information about yourself
  2. You will choose the appropriate membership class
  3. You will upload a profile picture (you can change it later, but we need one for your membership card if you choose a PRO membership)
  4. You will make the payment (if you choose a PRO membership)

After you've completed this you will receive an e-mail asking you to send us certain documents, depending on the type of membership you have chosen.

Once we have received your payment we will process your membership application and send you your membership card together with an invitation to the members' portal (

Membership classes:

membership class joining fee annual subscription total due when joining
Full member € 80 € 120 € 200
Cadet Blue with SRB (1) waived € 120 € 120
Cadet Green with Crew Work Book (2) waived € 50 € 50
Interior waived € 50 € 50
Community Member (limited services) free free free

(1): Cadet Blue Membership is only available for people with less than two years sea going experience.

(2): Crew Work Book is accepted by MCA as a recognized workbook for Yacht Rating Certificates only.

If your company would like to join PYA as a corporate member and enjoy these benefits, please contact the office.

Full membership is intended for most yacht crew, however those who have been working at sea for less than two years may join as Cadet Blue members, for whom the joining fee is waived.

Cadet Green membership is intended for crew new to the industry and others who do not plan to obtain MCA certificates.

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